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TalkHelper is a skype plug-in which provides you with secure Skype call recordings, it is an app that it is highly recommended, and you can record both video and audio Skype calls. All you need to do is downloading /install TalkHelper on windows machines only to start recording Skype calls automatically. TalkHelper is ideally a great addition to Skype conversations to professionals and business people as well as students who would like to use it for sharing files with their colleagues. It will record Skype calls and then save them for later viewing, editing and use. You will be surprised to find every Skype video call that was recorded in super high quality. Every time you will attempt to make a Skype call, TalkHelper will automatically record both sides of your conversation.


TalkHelper has two types of versions, depending upon what type of needs you have. TalkHelper is capable of recording all types of Skype calls including video messages and voicemails as well as regular Skype calls.  The two versions mentioned earlier are; the free trial version and the premium version. Usually the free trial version is for testing before you make up your mind to upgrade to the one that is paid for and of course the premium version comes with unlimited features letting you to enjoy the service more. So i suggest you install the free one first to see how TalkHelper works.

Lastly, Outlined below are some of the TalkHelper features:

Key Features of TalkHelper

What makes TalkHelper really stand out is because they let you record both ends of the call creating an MP4 or WAV file for audio calls as well as being able to pause your Skype calls and then retrieve them but still it will start from where it got paused. The video recordings can easily be played back in the future too.

The app is compatible with all Skype versions and also with the newest Skype version which is v7.36, so, the next time you want to memorize your Skype call recording interview or personal conversations; this is the app for you.



·        It is easy and hassle free to use for both old and new users.

·        It is easily installed.

·        It Auto records for both incoming and outgoing calls.

·        It supports both Skype calls (Video and audio).

·         It features a Super High quality sound of recording.

·        All Skype recordings are stored separately from notes.

·        It has no virus.

·        You can add notes for each Skype call you record.

·        TalkHelper is free to download.

·        During playback, you can still review both the call and the screen recordings simultaneously.


·        The premium version is costly

·        Its memory file is really large, it requires you enough space.

·        It has no warning sound when you record a Skype call.




Recording Skype calls from inside TalkHelper is handy, however, if want to explore more features the premium version comes with, then go for it.

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