SuperTinTin for Skype – Doesn’t support the newest version

Supertintin is a wonderful Skype recording application for windows that enables you to record Skype calls.  This program allows you to record both video and audio Skype conversation in high quality, of which you can always Plackback in the future if you would love to. With this software you can totally record audio calls that you might need to play with your speakers. Supertintin will also straightforwardly capture both your video and audio streaming data from Skype. This software is known as one of the most effective Skype recorder available. Furthermore, it gives you the power to start or click stop recording your Skype call. So, if you are looking for the best recorder for videos that can give you super quality sound, you are in the right place. You will find this application very convenient and easy to use.

Let us see how Supertintin works:

Supertintin is amazing in away, it will record both Skype calls automatically which is a very important feature. You will not have to record your calls manually unless you want to. If you intend to record both incoming and outgaining calls then, you are lucky because Supertintin will record them smoothly for you without fail. Well, i think we all agree that this is a cool feature to have in Skype recorder. However, there also other recording options you can choose from in video recording as below;

Video Image Size: This one allows to choose the video recording output resolution of your choice. Every time you will increase the video quality, you will definitely need more space of which 720P is its highest quality.

Video Frame Rate: it has Normal and high, this helps the video recorded to be very clear during the placback.

Video Recording Mode: it gives you a chance to choose the format you would like to have your recordings recorded in as briefly explained below;

  1. None: It records only audio Skype calls, no videos supported.
  2. Picture in Picture: It records both ways and sides of the video recording.
  • Side by Side: this option records both sides of the video recording.
  1. Local Webcam Only: it records only your side of the video recording.
  2. Remote Webcam Only: Then this one will not record your video but will record your party’s side of the video.
  3. Separate Files: If you would like to distinct your video recordings for both parties, this the one you should use.


  • Supertintin records both audio and video Skype calls.
  • It is simple to operate
  • No virus in Supertintin, you will be sure your computer is safe.
  • You can share your screen with the other person you are talking to on Skype and even watch them in the future.
  • Supertintin interface can be hidden during the Skype conversation recording, meaning you can browse and also accomplish other things at the same time of your recording.
  • Skype conversations are recorded in high quality sound.



  • You are limited with then free trial version, it offers only 5 Minutes.
  • Supertitin hangs.
  • It does not automatically record Skype video calls in formats, in case you want to have your recording in formats, then it will resort to manual recording.


Supertintin will amazingly record your video Skype calls with high quality and store them in MP4. It is a straight forward application that won’t interfere with your video conversation. I have to agree that i was absolutely with the video quality it gave me when i used it.

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