Which Skype Call Recorder Should You Use?

[updated 18/6/7]Looking for a best tool to have your Skype calls recorded on Windows? this article will go through a list of Skype recording addon for both audio and video calls, whether you use Skype for business purposes or to stay in contact with friends, recording and storing your conversations (or specific ones at least) can be a very smart move. Luckily there is special software to do that. All you need is Skype Recorder for Windows: https://www.talkhelper.com/skype-call-recorder-windows/ (<<<<<<Full license inside + free download link) , which is made exactly for this purpose.

We will list some of the top Skype recording tools available, to help users figure out which would be their most suitable one. With one such tool, whether it comes with a license or is free to use, you can record Skype calls to your PC and save them for later listening. To make it all work smoothly, you will have to pay attention to the system requirements, which may be different from case to case, just like the configuration options or the actual abilities of the software.

Have a look below to see what the users love best:

SuperTinTin Video Recorder for Skype


Highly appreciated by users worldwide, SuperTinTin records both audio and video and is easy to download directly from the Skype shop. Therefore, it is a safe solution that you can put your trust in. It makes for a highly reliable software, as it provides real consistency. This is said to work well on computers running Windows 7 especially and is compatible with a very broad range of microphones and headsets. SuperTinTin is really easy to use and you can adjust the frame rate and the resolution of the video. It works with old versions of Windows, from 2000 and up to Windows 8. The trial version is free, but you may obtain the license for a little under $30 and start recording all your Skype conversations and save them for repeated listening.

SoftComfort for Skype

SoftComfort Call Recorder for Skype

SoftComfort will let you record any Skype interviews or conversations that are important to you, helping you save time and preserve information. The program is small and is completely free to download. It works ideally with Windows 7. It is capable to detect automatically when a call begins and ends, so you don’t have to stress yourself out. It does manage to capture all sounds, those in the background as well. It can store files and organize them accordingly, thanks to its existing options. Moreover, you may record anything through the mic.

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype

This is such a comprehensive program. It’s got plenty of options, including setting up an answering machine and creating birthday alerts. You may customize your contact entries as well and use it with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. the basic version is free to use, but if you want full functionality then you should get the paid version – either Pro or Business, for $30, 39, respectively $48, 66. The Skype call recording software takes very little space on the hard drive – about 7 MB.

AthTek’s Skype Recorder

Athtek skype recording

AthTek is widely employed as a Skype call recording tool, as it’s got the best quality of sound. It captures both audio and video and has a series of advanced features. You may get the free trial for starters, but this comes with some serious limitations. Purchase it for $30 and use it with any version of Windows. It will save your files in various formats and store your communications as desired. AthTek can have many purposes, from saving the usual private conversation and business communications to enabling parental control when children use Skype.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


TalkHelper call recorder for Skype has impressed through its quality recordings. Convenient and intuitive, it is also a good organizing tool for your Skype files. To convince yourself, you may try it for free, but only for 7 days. Still, you’ll be allowed to sample all its functions. This program is excellent for business use. The quality comes from the recording method, which is “from within”. Keep your long distance calls safely and even share them.

Look into these different products:

Product Name Advantage Disadvantage
SuperTinTin Skype Video Recorder 1). Record Audio call only.

2). Easy to use.

3). The price is fair.

1). Non video recording supported.

2). Crashes Skype.

3). No tech support.

Pamela for Skype 1). Good looking.

2). Automatic recording.

3). Great customer service.

1). Doesn’t support the newest Skype version.

2). The price is high.

3). Quality of video recording is low.

SoftComfort for Skype 1). Very easy to get it to use.

2). It’s stable.

3). The recording quality is pretty decent.

1). No tech support at all.

2). Doesn’t seem to upgrade any more.

AthTek’s Skype Recorder
1). Well designed.

2). Support both audio and video recording of Skype.

1). Not very stable.

2). No way to contact the customer service.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype 1). Auto recording for both incoming and outgoing calls.

2). Video recording supported

1). The price is a bit high.
Ifree Skype Recorder 1). Mp3/Wav format for audio recording

2). OGG, WMA, AVI,FLAC format for video recording

1). Crashes newest Skype
Amolto call recorder for Skype 1). Only support Mp3 recording 2). Doesn’t provide enough tech support
Evaer Skype Video Recorder 1). Video recording supported with Mp4, WMA format 3). Not stable on Windows 10

Problems: Here are a few tips on using Skype record app. You will surely come across many of these, but some of these are audio only. If you want to record calls in video formats, then you have to check for this option.

Solutions: Note that using a microphone will definitely improve the audio quality. This will also depend on the speakers and of certain system specifications. Moreover, the installed audio codec will have its say.

The End: Make sure you update the software you are using each time there is a new version to it. After all, there is no point in using a Skype call recorder that is not capable of a seamless performance.