Pamela for Skype Review – Problems and issues

Pamela for Skype Recorder is attractive and the easiest program for windows that can record your Skype calls. It has a simple, clean interface that is well designed to record all types of Skype conversations automatically or manually. Pamela provides complete Skype call recording for both video and audio calls and it lists recorded files within Skype at the end of your recording, you can always leave them there for future reference or delete them in case you are not interested in saving some conversations you don’t find important. It enables the user to capture Skype conversations for nearly any purpose as you may want it. Pamela can also support Auto chat Reply when you are away from your computer, it will simply send a text to your contacts, so you do not have to worry much when you step away. It as well supports Email Forwarding, cool mood messages to your recorded videos (This is a great feature that allows users to make their memories more beautiful and organized as well as contact personalization etc.

pamela for skype

That said, Pamela comes in four different editions;

  1. Basic
  2. Call Recorder
  3. Professional
  4. Business

Basic is the free trial version that will help you to record your Skype calls for a limited period of only 15 minutes. This version is really helpful because it helps you draw a picture of how far or good the paid version will be, however you cannot use it to record video and audio at the same time. So, if you have been contemplating on which you should use first, it is Pamela Basic.

Call Recorder is pretty much the same as the Basic Version; i recommend you try these two versions before you spend cash on the paid one.

Pamela Professional is amazing and professional just like its name. With this version, you will be sorted because it will be in position to offer you with quite a number of things to be in charge of such as setting up the answering machine with your outing messages plus record all your Skype calls without limitations (Video and audio) in good high quality sound for 30days trial! Its default format is MP3; however it does not stop you from changing it to WMA, OGG or WAV from Pamela’s sound options.

Business Edition offers Skype call recording toolbar facility. It is different with better features. It comes with a bit higher price compared to the rest which is 39.95 €, but sure to serve you with priority support in return, it also comes with 30days free trial.

Below we show you how to use Pamela

First things first, go to the Pamela home page and from there select the program version that you think is suitable for your Skype. But it would be better to Upgrade to Pamela 4.8 from the Pamela application by clicking on it Help menu then Check for update. Install Pamela new version.

After the installation, Pamela will obviously bring an automatic pop up window on its portion of the Skype interface that you will have to click on to Allow Access.

Now every time that you will attempt to make Skype call, Pamela will always ask you if you want to record your call. And you will have to press yes in order for you to start recording the Skype calls. However, if you do not want to record, you can just ignore the question and continue with your Skype call.

In other words, when you are recording a Skype video call, Make sure that the Skype video is fully filling the Skype window because your video might end up not optimal sized. Additionally, Pamela will leave the choice of recording video plus audio or only audio in your hands since it brings the option when you begin to record.

After recording your Skype calls, simply stop or you will click on the stop button in Pamela and then you will find all the recordings in the list of recordings.


  • Pamela Business and professional are expensive.


Pamela for Skype is a great tool that will offer you with unlimited Skype calls for both audio and video. i bet once you start using it, there will be no regrets whatsoever. So highly i recommend you to install it to enjoy the incredible features it comes with.

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