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mp3 skype recorder

[Updated 6/18] MP3 Skype Recorder is another piece of cake that is straightforward for recording Skype conversations on windows 10, 8 and 7. This program will help you to record Skype calls and keep them for future reference, which is beautiful when you are in need to memorize somethings such as interviews, conference meetings and it could also be a personal recording that you think would put a smile on your face once you listen to their voices again. The program is aimed for producing high quality sound every time to attempt to make a call. With MP3 Skype recording software, you are guaranteed to record Skype calls automatically as the program works in the background. On the other hand, you can decide to have your conversations recorded manually. Well, some people would prefer to use this! In addition, your Skype call recording will be stored in the confined WMA, OGG, MP3 or WAV format. This application will merge with Skype smoothly.


  • This software is completely free without restrictions whatsoever. It has attracted more users through its functionalities that you will not be able to find in other Skype soft wares
  • Most of us i am sure enjoy the automatic call recording except a few people, i find this feature really cool as you will not always have to click record button every time you are about to make a call. it makes Skype recording more fun and reliable any day any time.
  • This recorder allows to record SkypOut calls, P2P as well as Skype calls made to your online number.
  • When using the software splitting calls and storing them becomes easier for example, you can crack your caller and the person called into contrasting tracks.

How to use

  • Using this app has never gotten easier and any better than this;
  • Download/install MP3 first thing.
  • The application will clearly ask you to authorize it in Skype; this will be done from Skype itself when it brings a pop up.
  • After you have finished with setting up the trace, you now begin to record Skype calls since literally everything will be done. All you will have to do is start calling and the calls will be recorded automatically and you can always press the stop button too to end your Skype conversations.
  • The software will record your calls in stereo, with one side of the Skype call in hard really well.
  • And if you want to decide a Skype recording bit rate, you can always set the default 32 bit setting because it is more actuate.
  • Skype conversations that will be recorded will be saved in the App data on your windows.


  • It stores Skype call recordings in MP3 files.
  • It supports automatic Skype call recording.


  • Audio quality is compromised
  • The premium version is expensive, it goes for 25 dollars.

Two Tips for having a successful audio recording;

  1. Preserve a dependable environment.

  • When it’s time to record a Skype conversation, and in this case we are talking about VIP very important calls, for example an interview, you will have to be really prepared in a way that your interviewer won’t have to feel bothered or bored about your environment and the quality of your sound. Make sure you find a quite place whenever you think or recording Skype calls because the more you rule your recording environment, the better super high quality Skype audio you can record. And by controlling a steady environment and conducts you are much better to meet the audio quality.
  1. Use Headphones When Recording

I highly recommend you to use headphones when you are recording a Skype conversation. It is really necessary.

When you are about to have a Skype recording, i suggest you tell the other party that you should both have Headphones ready with you before you actually start if you want to have a successful recording in high quality sound.

This will prohibit any kind of imitation during the Skype recording. I bet you have seen radio DJs working with out of business headphones, well, it is clearly because they are avoiding the noise that would distract them. And the exact belief implements to your Skype audio calls.

Now, if you have been wondering how and where to begin from when using this app, i hope i have answered your question and you now know exactly what to do. Go & record Away!.

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