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iFree is a complete free recording application for Skype, This software here is the very first one for recording free Skype calls in the world without any restrictions attached to it. iFree Skype Recorder allows you to record audio Skype calls without having to spend cash on it. It gives you all the good reasons to use it because it is easy to use and records with high quality sound which is something users look for mostly in Skype softwares. The software will record your Skype calls automatically the moment you begin a call, this is something that professional and business people find cool, as it will record their interviews and conferences smoothly, however you can always change the automatic recording to manual setting if you are not interested in calling every Skype call that you make.

With this iFree for Skype, you are going to record Skype calls without limitations; it is so handy, so download it to start storing your interviews and personal conversations to be viewed later in the future.


  • Free of charge, you do not have to worry about costs anymore when using this application.
  • It supports both automatic and manual recording. With this, you can change to your best preference whenever.
  • It allows you to record Skype calls in either Stereo or Mono format.
  • You can easily trace recorded history as you just search by the given name of the recordings. And it will show you everything, such as time, size and date etc.
  • iFree does not stress, it has a very simple interface anyone can use, be it a new user.. You will manage it.
  • It supports automatic chat Reply, this feature is great because it will manage your contacts by sending them a text to let them know you are not around your computer, and when you get back, you just begin from where it stopped from.
  • It gives you the opportunity to record calls in different modes i.e. Remote or Local.
  • It allows you to record Skype calls as well as store them to MP3 format.



There is a saying that goes like, even the best things in the world, have something that is not so cool about them. And so does iFree for Skype.

Below are the disadvantages you will face when using iFree Skype Recorder.

  • It has got no control when it comes to recording audios, so in most cases you would find your recordings not audible enough after storing them, and this is not a good thing to its users.
  • It will not notify you during your recording, most of the users wish to be notified during a Skype call in order to inform the other party that they are recording them.
  • It cannot record Skype calls simultaneously, you need to separate (Video & audio) also, does not allow you to record both sides of the audio and video.
  • This application is not fit for commercial users due to numerous limitations.
  • It does not support long audios which is a disturbing thing to its users.
  • The premium version is expensive, however, it is worth every penny because of its features.


iFree Skype Recorder is straight forward application that will let you record your conversation and save them for a playback in the future, letting you enjoy those moments whenever you miss your friends and loved ones. Install this software to prove all that has been said in this article for yourself.

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