Amolto Call Recorder for Skype Review


Amolto for Skype is excellently befitting for windows users who need a convenient way of storing data of their recorded Skype calls. This application comes with a simple interface which enables you to record your Skype conversations automatically the very moment you start your Skype call. It performs as one with Skype or further Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and records calls with super high quality sound. It will record and store all recorded conversations in MP3 format and you will be allowed to edit them and name your recordings differently by adding subtitles names etc.

Additionally, don’t stress thinking of how you will be able to use the application, Amolto call recorder for Skype is really easy to manage, you will only have to download and install the software then authorize it to Skype and you will be already there. It also comes in two versions, the free trial version which will only offer you audio Skype call recording and the Amolto call recorder premium that offers both video and audio Skype recording but it as well samples you with the free trial version in order to help you make a final decision of whether to upgrade or not.

Features for Amolto

The program will begin to automatically record your Skype calls as soon as you start a Skype conversation. this is an amazing feature to have in a recorder software because you will not have to bother stating the recording button each time you are about to make a call, however, it also provides the manual recording for those who may deliberately not need to record their Skype calls, they only turn on the automatic recording as long as they are ready to record.

Amolto offers unlimited free audio Skype call recordings with high quality sound in that even when you go back to your old recorded Skype calls, they will still be worth listening to because they were recorded with a good sound, no hiccups, no anything but just exactly the way it was recorded and this makes the memories even more live and beautiful.

The application works really well with all windows platform, so if you have windows OS, this is the best tool for you since it will offer you with the most thrilling and efficient usability.

With Amolto call recorder for Skype, recording video calls in formats is possible for example MP4 format

It provides an auto chat Reply, the program will help you to send a convenient message to your contacts immediately they try to get in touch with you when are away from your computer. This is really useful for professional/business people who hardly get time to multi-task work. So when you have Amolto, be confident it will do the auto reply for you when you have other schedules to catch up with.

Amolto supports screen sharing to its users, conferencing and get together video Skype recording just got better with this application. You will now manage all the meetings and personal conversations well when you choose this tool and even store them for future reference.

There is a favourable pausing option, this will help you in unavoidable circumstances, let’s say you have just started recording your Skype conversation and then you get an emergency meeting with your boss. What you do is to pause the recording since you can still resume from where you stopped and find the recording where you left it. How cool is that!


Advantages of Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

  • It has good quality sound during Skype call recording.
  • The software is incompetent and easy to operate.
  • Amolto call recorder for Skype offers you with the options to record in separate files such as Remote Sound Only, Local Sound Only and Both Sides Sound formats.


Disadvantages of Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

  • Amolto Call Recorder Premium version is expensive, it costs $29.99


Amolto call recorder for Skype is flexible for recording Skype conversations giving you an opportunity to listen to your friends voices in the future as much as you want. And if you do not want to just listen to the voices but videos too then its high time you upgrade to the premium version which will offer you with both video and audio Skype calls without any limitations attached. In other words, i highly recommend this tool because it is efficient.


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